Hello everyone! Welcome to my second home. This is a space where I declutter nagging thoughts on my mind and in turn ask you, the reader, the declutter your thoughts as well.

Chez Wynie, is a space where I am free to share my thoughts and feelings in a healthy thought-provoking way.



I am twenty-year old Wynante Charles, born on a beautiful Saturday morning on the island of Dominica.

Dubbed the Nature Isle of the Caribbean, the Commonwealth of Dominica has been an inspiration hub to me, particularly as a budding writer.

My interests do not end there as I am also aspiring to be a certified Pharmacist. For me, health education and more so improving health literacy are important facets for me particularly in this modern age. I am a strong believer in free universal healthcare and access to health facilities for all. After all, a healthier today makes for a healthier tomorrow.

All the best. xoxo