New Directions:

Best foot first just in case
When we made our way ’til now
It’s time to listen, it’s time to fight

-Forward, Beyonce Lemondade

I’m a Taurus and one thing about Taurus’ that you should know is that we dislike change. But for some reason this time I opened it with open arms and a one-way ticket to the USA. Alright let me back up, earlier in July I quit my job and headed out to LA to pursue my dreams of being an actress…..I’m just kidding this isn;t one of those stories.

I did quit my job, but I moved to the lovely state of Illinois and I have called it home for about a week now.

Scared? Nah. Excited? I guess. Apprehensive? Ding ding ding. I’ve been very apprehensive about this move for a while now. I mean, I left my job, my friends, some of my family, to move to a place where I knew no one. Granted I’m living with my aunt and uncle, but there is that feeling of- you know- that first day in a new school, not knowing anything or anyone.

There’s no secret the Caribbean, more so Dominica is different from America. In this pothole-less, uniformed housing chaos dubbed the land of opportunities, no one tells you the struggles of the first couple weeks, first couple months.

At first, I distracted myself with settling in,  getting a couple of things done, but now that time has passed. Just as the days seem longer, so does the week and the feeling of a purgatorial waiting. I mean this a foreign feeling to me since I’ve had a job straight out of high school and for the past four years everything else but myself has been a priority.

Take it from me, when they say don’t just go to work for 8 hours and come home to not work on yourself, listen. Because when I started to, it was a bit too late in my opinion and I found myself in a slump, and uninspired, unmotivated automatic slump.

I’m working on that.

For now, I will be focusing on the next ‘next’ steps. Whatever that maybe. Maybe finding a job, finishing enrolling in university,, you know, normal stuff. Stuff that people expect me to do. That’s the plan, at least for now.

Till next time….



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