Sofware Upgrade: The 2.0 Life

Every year on your birthday you, your brain, which is your entire being, your consciousness and your memories, upgrades is software, the micro cells in your body dance in celebration of another year, and your nerves erupt in a candle-light spark because it is your day.

Hey it’s Wynante, Wynante Charles…welcome to your tape.

“On April 26th the planets aligned. The year 1997 was the year Midnightgroovers were swinging, a bag of sugar was $0.50 and we sat outside at night telling folk stories and playing ring game to the sound of nature.

Now we choose the best filter in instagram, share stories on snapchat, and sweeten our lives with the thrill of the next adventure. The year 2017 is the year of Harry Styles’ debut Album, Breve’s waves of jazz chords throughout Dominica and the Cross Caribbean Link Up Whatsapp Group Chat: The Top 1% of the Region.  It is the year of movements to the windy city of Chicago, of playing yoyo with the hearts of boys and jacks with the hearts of men.”

What will twenty bring me? New found love? A renews fire to push forward? The realisation that I will never make it on Broadway because I cannot sing? Who knows? And that my friends is the most exciting part of life, not knowing. How boring life

How boring life would be if we knew every single detail before it happened. It would be like rewatching that one episode of Friends for the 10th time….eh okay that’s still semi okay-ish. But let’s be real, we all want to find out what happens on the next season of Riverdale.

The ecstasy is the thrill that everything could go horribly wrong or everything could go amazingly right. Live life that way, seeking the thrill is everything routine or otherwise. This is my philosophy for the 2.0 experience, and the philosophy I wish to share with you.

I accept the good and the bad that is coming my way and has come my way already. I may not always like it, nor understand it, but I will not regret it.

I can taste the ecstasy that is to come for this 2.0 life and I can feel the adventures that have already begun…


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