#Dominica: Putting A Small Island on the Digital Map

Hi Everyone It’s officially Hashtag Dominica Day here on the nature isle and twitter fingers are going crazy.

In an effort to put Dominica on the map the Hashtag Dominica campagn was created and organised by Meria Alexis & Monelle Alexis along with Yuri Jones, Garvin Richards and Kerry Severin.

A release from the organisers states “On May 16, 2017, we will be carrying out a social media campaign in an effort to swamp social with #Dominica to get it to be a trending topic on social media for a day. The intent is to encourage everyone to use #Dominica on that day on each post and across all social media platforms. The post could be personal or business related, however, we encourage participants to post content that reflects positively on our island. We are hoping to be one of the most trending topics on social media that day.”

Go forth and #Dominica all those lovely selfies, pictures of rivers, food and all things nature isle!




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