The Chosen One In Your Life

They said you couldn’t have it,
But God said, “It’s yours.”
They said you won’t make it,
But God said, “I’ll open doors.”
They said it was over for you,
But God said, “It has just begun.”
They said you might as well give up the fight,
But God said, “The battle is already won.

I could quote very line from this song over and over again. Sometimes the simplest of words, speak the most powerful in your life.

I feel like I can breathe now. I can finally breathe. I think this may be the happiest I have been in almost 10 years.

They’ve even lied on you.
But in the midst of all of that,
God still raise up a champion.

Life is so heavy when you focus on others and what others are saying about you. Life is so tiring when you’re constantly tryingt to impress others. Life is so tiring when it’s become so…unpleasant.

For almost two years my life was being lived just like that. It was finally last year, around summer actually I decided that

In the mist of the hurt,
In the midst of the pain,
In the midst of distractions,
He said you are the chosen one.

I deserved better. So I worked towards getting better and in the process it cost be relationships, material things, comfort and people. But I have chosen to continue growing towards the woman I want to be. I have chosen to be the chosen one in my life.

They said you will never be,
But God says, “I’m raising you for my glory.”
They said you didn’t have a dream, oh,
But God said, “You have purpose.”
They said this problem will never end,
But God said, “I’m bringing you out,
My child.” They said you might as well throw in the towel,
But God said, “This storm is just for a while.”


Purpose. We’re all searching for our purpose. I would be lying if I said I’ve found mine, but I believe I’m a couple steps closer to acheiving it.

In the midst of the constant living up to expectations, dealing with hearsay and overall dealing with people and situation I just could not find the energy to care to deal with, I began to see the calm on the end of the storm. So, I began running towards it. Yes, running! With full speed and determination. I wasn’t about to stop, lest I get pulled back into it.

I’ve recently moved from my position in the office as Admin Secretary, oh wait who am I kidding, Assistant Admin Secretary aka everyone’s door mat, to Pharmacy Technician. Ah I feels good to say that, to attach that title to my name in the work place. Some may see it as a demotation, but it is far from that, and the smart ones have already noticed that. It is the final blessing I can receive from here this year. Soon I will be off to another chapter of my life and eventually Pharmacy School.

No matter what people may say or think about you, keep striving towards your purpose. Keep choosing to be the chosen one in your life. Work hard, speak things into existence and let God handle the rest.























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