Far From Finished

Happiness; The state of being happy.

Is January going by too fast or too slow?! It’s just day 17 but so much has happened. In fact, this reminds me exactly how 2016 started off. A fresh start and many opportunities. My only mistake in 2016 was thinking that these opportunities were going to keep coming. Oh how was I wrong. I foolishly let these opportunities slip from my grasp. It was from then on I vowed never to repeat the same mistake twice.

I’m well entering my second decade in my life, but it honestly feels like my third. I will say this, and note I say this every year, “I believe more confidently in the decisions I will make this year.” But most importantly I will learn the art of speaking things into existence. For the last four months, I have by some magical force, restrengthened my relationship with Christ and most certainly learned the power of a praying woman.Trust me of this guys, prayer is the bomb.com when it comes to complicated situations. God will show you the signs and answer your prayers, the rest is up to you.

Surprisingly, although I have not written much, I find myself wanting to write more, and in fact motivated to do so I mean, this blog post is testimony in itself. And although I don’t want to dwell on 2016 too much, it is hard to speak about prospects for 2017 without bringing up lessons from 2016. I even joined the Rotaract Club of Roseau sometime in March and as of October, I am officially a pinned member. Rotaract, my first non -church group has taught me a lot about coming together for service above self and teamwork in general. Additionally, my father celebrated his 50th birthday with a dinner in St. Maarten and it was also the bomb.com (cue shopping trip). I found myself going out this year (not necessarily wearing less), and I was able to create memories to last a lifetime.


Speaking of which, allow me to lament the loss I experienced. In November, for the first time in a long time, I had to deal with grief. I would be the last to admit, it was difficult for me. Very difficult. I often found myself lying awake at night questioning why I and everyone else had to go through this. But, in a shocking turn of events, one of the best friendship I have had, was strengthened in my wanna-be-mentor as a result. After all, it was his father who passed, and in those weeks after the funeral, just being there for each other (also betting if he would cry at the funeral), helped us both overcome this grieving process. I could go on and on about the lessons he sneakily taught me during that time. But listening to him tell me stories of his father has unwillingly imprinted a very important lesson in me, i.e., always go after what you want, work hard and strive to be better than your best. Cliché? I know, but there’s something different about hearing those words late at night after a loved one has died.


Although I wish Mr. J didn’t have to die, maybe that’s just the way it had to be. I cried so much during those last two month of the year for all this not to be real.

I have also finally decided on my career path. Pharmacy. I know I know, the girl who wants to win an Oscar, studying Chemistry?! Crazy right? Believe it or not, I have been in love with chemistry for over six years now. I couldn’t wait to study Chem in high school and was disappointed my college didn’t offer a single science course during my year. Writing this section of this post even brings back the sweet nostalgia and the joy I experience during my Chem years. I mean, yes I eventually became frustrated and use to cry over it, but that’s because I found myself doing something I loved during a very low and confusing point in my life. In all honestly, if I could redo that last year of high school over again, I would. So yes, I’ve made up my mind, finally. But don’t get me wrong, I’m more going towards public relations and marketing in the pharmaceutical industry (secondary to my writing and acting career lol).

I also have some new projects coming up, that I’m hoping to embark on. Maybe later on, I’d do just like Mary Jane Paul did, except not getting fired lol. But there is a new city and new opportunity in my future. Just wait on it. 2017 is still fresh, I am still optimistic and still very far from finished.


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