Just Do

It’s that time of year again and we’re busy making New Year’s plans and resolutions. It’s a never ending game that the human race has managed for years on end play, without sensible reasoning nor viable meaning.

And for the few and far in between who acknowledge this downfall within the imprint of human nature, we hardly ever ourselves, seek to reconstruct this mindset and rearrange this foundation.

Of course, this is just a personal view, or perhaps just a personal mindset.

Do we ever stop and think that every day can be new years.

We set goals and targets constantly in our work lives et al. Why can’t we set life goals the same. In fact, many of the New Year’s resolutions we create are not SMART. They are 9 out of 10 times not measurable nor specific. We say, for 2017 I want to be able to travel, yet we neglect to lay down the path towards that goal. Instead, we should be saying, I want to save up two months worth of salary to travel to Italy in September.

It isn’t a bad thing for our goals to be spontaneous.

Life in itself has never been guaranteed to us. From the moment we are born, we are on borrowed time. Consuming the life force of another while someone else consumes ours. It is a never-ending cycle of uncertainty. We should live with that fear to encourage us to live a little more freely. Be a bit more happy. Do a little bit more.

That’s a lesson 2016 taught me, maybe not in the way I hoped it would have, but in a sense they way I needed to learn it. I was given blessings, my dreams were coming true, all for grief to completely wreck me and leave me confused. For three weeks I focussed on nothing and kept asking the question why. It wasn’t just the fragility of human life I began to reflect on, but the lack of impulse planning and freedom of choice. But we do

But we do in fact have freedom of choice. We can wake up any day, any day at all, and get a new hair cut, get a tattoo, quit that job we hate, completely leave the country and start a new life somewhere else. But we don’t, we prefer to rely on the comfort of what is known and instead at the end of every year, make a resolution to change those circumstances that we have so desperately wanted to for the last twelve months.

That’s why my only resolution for 2017 is do.

Do more of what makes me happy
Do more risk taking
Do more spontaneous things

And believe me, the year hasn’t even ended yet, and I’ve already started…


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