Beyond Today; Remembering Erika


highly unpleasant physical sensation caused by illness or injury.
“she’s in great pain”
synonyms: suffering, agony, affliction, torture, torment, discomfort, soreness
mental suffering or distress.
“the pain of loss”
synonyms: sorrow, grief, heartache, heartbreak, sadness, unhappiness, distress, desolation, misery, wretchedness, despair, desperation, mental suffering, emotional suffering, trauma;

One year ago, today…Dominica was unrecognizable.  Tropical storm Erika battered the island cause the los of 20+ lives.

One year later…Dominicans hold on the memories of their loved ones, tightly like careful secreat.

One year later, we are all still Dominica stong.

Although our infustructure hasn’t much improved and many of our bridges and roads are still not repared, for most of us, we have moved on…mentally, to a better place. However, the trauma still remains. At the sight of rain some break down, other cannot bear to see pictures or videos of the storm. The memories are still too painful, still too taumautic.

For others it’s a work in progress, the rain no longer scares us, but we do not under estimate it either. We can no longer wear our favourite shirt, because the memories it brings back, gives us nightmares. But we have found a new favourite shirt and have learnt to embrace the new memories it bares.

Birthdays, have been hard. Anniversaries have been hard. Not having a proper funeral, was even harder. So we deemed date of death August 27th 2015, but cannot have a memorial, because the body was never found or was buried on site.

But a new sun is upon us. We get up and get dressed, some for work, others shopping in town, a meeting, or perhaps a flight. Others just laze around at home. We all collectively agree, we’re more than halfway on our way to a better tomorrow, so we take a deep breath and look beyond…


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