February & March Round Up

Except February alone which has 28 days clear and 29 in each leap year…because of some ancient pompous men.

Ah yes I know my Feburary round up is late..very late. To be honest with you it was quite a very boring month. Nothing was really awe-inspiring,  yet I still feel the need to share these with you. Therefore, here are the top three things that made the cut.

  1. Journey to the stage

I was practicing practically every day for four weeks for the production. I have never worked so hard on anything before, other than my history sba in high school. I don’t what kept me going. Is it the love for acting? The anticipation of the big night? Or is it just my inability to quit once I’ve committed myself to something. Maybe it was all three? Nonetheless, felt completely devoted to the acting process and had to learn to take the same criticism over and over again.

Honestly, I thought the criticism would have broken me down, but it actually made me want to work harder. I became more confident, but I knew I was only about to face a private performance and that the real thing would require much more work.

  1. C A R N I V AL

All aboard the powder fete! Let me tell you all, I have never turned up so much before. This year’s carnival was simply E P I C. As I mentioned before, I joined a jouvert band with a few of my coworkers and wow, I did not regret that decision. I had some good clean wholesome fun, all while completely sober…more or less.

  1. First#90sLiveTweet

Firstly, let me shout out black girl nerds for this awesome opportunity for fellow black people to interact together. I participated in my first 90s Live Tweet which was very fun. The movie we watch was Just Another Girl on the IRT. Admittedly this was my first time watching that movie and it was a real eye opener. It was just to raw and real and that’s what I loved most about it.


Bonus! Below are the top 3 March moment I have been dying to share.


I finally took another step towards my goals and joined The Rotaract Club of Dominica. It was I admit, a spur of the moment decision when a friend of mine invited me to a guest time, but it a decision I have not regretted. Service about self is something I feel strong about and I am over the moon to be part of a group that is such a physical embodiment of what I stand for.

2.Acting Debut

Okay, this is what you all have been waiting for. I can finally put ‘aspiring actress’ in my bio. The play Woman:Memoirs of Scarlett Dubois written by Gizelle Pierre-Toussaint, a 16-year-old prodigy lol was absolutely amazing. I have received nothing but positive reviews and praise about this play, my performance and the performance of my fellow actors and actresses.

I believe everyone gave it their all and I fully and wholeheartedly enjoying being part of this wonderful play. I would have had my acting debut go no other way than through hard work, sweat and toil.

3. Interviewing Miss Dominica 2016

My amazing March came to a close when I along with my co-host on True Youth had the opportunity to interview Miss Dominica 2016, Tasia Floissac. True Youth is a programme geared towards youth on Dominica Catholic Radio, my church’s radio station, and we talked about Tasia’s journey to the throne and of course, her faith! It was very refreshing to hear a different side of her that what is normally given out in the normal media. It was an interview I shall never forget.

She shared a very intriguing part of her journey which was her falter in faith. I believe that is something we al have experienced but might not have been brave enough to share. For that, I once again comment Ms. Floissac. In  that brief moment that we interviewed her, she inspired me to continue going after what I want.

I leave you in the words of Tasia, always remember, that somethings in life are just “a set back for a set up.”



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