Acting Aint So Tough…

it’s a lot tough.

Back in January, I got a small part in a local play, which ended up being a slightly bigger part in a local play. I was nervous, scared, shy, overly enthusiastic all at the same time. This was it, this was the chance I’ve been waiting for…my big break; my dream.

I was not prepared to the stress, tiredness and emotional drain that comes with it all. I imagine television and movie acting to be a lot easier since they can do many takes, unlike theatre. You need to get the part perfect. Perfect expressions, perfect projection and perfect emphasis. I was far from that.

Scenes were done four different times, practices lasted till midnight. I was fed up. But this was what I wanted wasn’t it? And I wanted it bad. Then why was I so fed up, why did the zeal of going to practice? I’ll tell you why…it was because my fantasy of what acting was, was destroyed by the reality of acting.

I had this perfect picture of what rehearsals were supposed to be like, what I was supposed to be like, and in such a short space of time, it was destroyed. I didn’t expect to work so hard and expected things to come easily. I expected to know my lines in one day, have the right backings on the spot. But I didn’t. I forgot some lines, I didn’t speak loud enough. Nothing went as I thought it would have, instead it went as it should have.

I am more in love with acting now than I was before because of that experience. My passion has more than doubled because of all the hard work I put in.

Many of us have these ideas of what our dreams are supposed to be like. Things like getting a job straight out of high school or college or university, being able to hit that high note on the first try, scoring six runs in our first match etc. But many times things don’t go like that. We need to send in countless applications and go to countless interviews before we stumble upon the right job. We need to go to choir practice six days a week to get ready for the concert and we spend all out weekends practicing for the big cricket match.  That is what this experience has taught me and is teaching me about life; that it entails a lot of hard work.

As the production date drawers nearer, I myself am becoming more confident in my roles. However, confidence does not always equal excellence.




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