Monthly Round Up-Dec

Hello everyone! So I’m trying to get these monthly round up post out by the 15th of the next month, but sometimes the laziness just crawls in!

Wow December was quite a month with so many different things happening!

Early in December I tried this lemon and lime water thing…never me again. These fad diets aren’t for everyone. It made me miserable haha. But it works and it’s healthy for you. My skin was feeling much healthier after doing this but it just isn’t something i see myself doing every day. When if comes to wanting to fit into a dress for a dinner, or even to look good in a costume for carnival, both exercise and a healthy diet are important in reaching your goal. Don’t look for the easy way out.

Most of my December was overrun by work! For those of you who don’t know(all of you really) I work at a pharmacy which has a toy store branch and Christmas is just chaotic. I was all over the store on Christmas eve and left work just minutes to 10! It’s a lot of work but I love every second of the rush! It’s refreshing to see children picking out toys they want and being in awe over something they can’t have.

Rewinding a bit, I also had a staff dinner and pool party to attend to. The dinner was my first as a full-time staff and it was quite enjoyable. Now the pool party was where it was at! These people can turn up! Although I didn’t want to bathe I ended up having no choice as I was thrown in the pool. That day, I learned that the most important thing to do at a party is to have fun and let loose.


Christmas is such as an important time to many people. It’s a time where families get together after a whole year of being apart, Catholics & Christians focus of the birth of Jesus Christ and what His birth mean to them, and just an overall time of good tidings.

I hope that this past Christmas was enjoyable for everyone. Even though  things may not have gone your way, let us both look forward to 2016, a year of new begin

Once again, Happy New Year y’all. Stay awesome.



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