The Selfish Selfless Year

This is the re-up.

Happy new year to everyone! I am super excited to experience all what 2016 has to offer me.

During this year, I will embark on two personal mini projects; a good jar and art journaling. Details to come in a future January post. Also in the coming week, I will post my December round up so look out for that as well.

2015 was such an eventful year. I experience so much growth that my outlook on life has completely changed…for the better. I have entered 2016 with a clean heart, free of hate, anger, jealousy and full of love, compassion and selfishness. HOLD UP! What?!

Yes you read right. This year I will be selfish. I will focus on myself. I will improve myself. I will become a better me, both physical and mentally. I am 18 and currently at the point in myself where I absolutely have no idea what I want to do and where I am going. I have lived the past few months on a void. Filling it up with work and temporary short term pleasures such as Friday/Saturday liming, parties, and kdrama binging. Of course I love doing all these things, I enjoy doing them, but I want to believe there is more to life than monotonous everyday routines. I want to experience life to the fullest and I wholeheartedly believe 2016 will allow me to, if I let it. That is because I believe in ME.  I believe that I have the will power to do amazing things. And believe me, I will.

Depending on the situation I have learned towards the latter part of 2015 that it isn’t bad to be selfish, to put yourself first. To care about yourself. Perhaps you too could benefit from a bit of selfishness in 2016.

Despite wanting to be selfish I also want to be selfless. I want to live life freely. I want to help others. I want to be able to offer something without second thinking it.

These are my yings and yangs of 2016. This year will not be easy. But I have no fear within me. Because 2015 has prepared me. 2016 will be my selfish year.


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