Back Up Plan

The other day I was conversing with a co-worker and she said to me, “You should always have a back-up plan.” Ever since those words have resonated in me, stirring occasionally like five-minute oats. And you know, I’ve actually had a back-up plan all along, but I’ve never actually put that plan into action.

Allow me to rewind a bit. What is a back-up plan? In my understanding, your back-up plan would be anything you are good at and enjoy doing. It is nothing long and complicated. An example would be, this, I like blogging, no I love blogging. Why? Because I love sharing my ideas, interests and thoughts with others through a very captivating medium. But I was not always blogging. In fact, I gave it a go a couple years ago and I stopped. Why? Because I was not blogging because I wanted to. Back then I did not see blogging as the medium that I do today, I did not connect my love for writing and my potential audience. I saw each aspect as a separate individual instead of how I was suppose to see it- as a whole. The reason why I should have seen these two concepts as one is because I wanted to blog to share, whereas in reality I was blogging for myself. Do you see the potential for disaster? My wants and my actions were two separate unconnected entities. The reason why I needed to match my want with my action is because at that current state I put myself in a position where I was unable to develop my skill.

This leads me to the second point, development. Right now as a blogger I am investing my time into ways to develop my writing, develop how I connect with you, my audience. My coworker’s back up plan is sewing. She is constantly learning new techniques, sewing and thus developing her skill at a level that not only she will be satisfied with, but her customers as well.

Let me let you in on a secret, your back-up plan is no different than a hobby or a skill. That means that each and every one of us has the potential to develop a successful back-up plan. But do we also put those plans into effect? No. Because we don’t always need a back-up plan. But that doen’t mean that we aren’t always developing our back-up plan. So the next time you  open youtube to watch another drawing tutorial and pick up the pencil, you’re cultivating your back-up plan right there. The next time you you’re asked to organize the next company activity and you pull it off successfully, you’re developing your back-up plan. Like our careers, we do what we love and that means that we create the best end product that we can.

You don’t have to have a back-up plan but never be afraid to turn your enjoyment into employment.

What’s your back-up plan?


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