So My Birthday Was In April…

On a scale of one to goofy how bad am I at remembering? Very bad.

So I recently celebrated my birthday on April 26th. I had a pretty quiet nice day, which was just great. I started off my day at church because you gotta thank the good Lord for all that he has done for you, can I get an Amen. I then went to Swirls in Portsmouth for some frozen yoghurt. Now let me tell you, Dominica has never had a frozen yoghurt place before and it is the best thing to happen to us since Independence. Like for real.

Alright, I’m playing, but seriously, frozen yoghurt is amazing. My day winded down with some pizza and drinks with my cousin. Did I mention we were driving all around looking for an open pizza place? For me, living in Roseau all my life, Portsmouth is like a foreign place. It feels like the first time I went Martinique or Guadeloupe and I didn’t know where anything was.

Birthdays are always bitter-sweet, because yes it’s your day to celebrate and be happy, yet you’re faced with all the responsibilities and consequences of being older. When I was younger I always had this crazy idea that on your birthday, something magical would happen the great beyond and special plants would align and make you officially a year older. But that was back when I was young nd foolish and Santa never forgot to give me presents at Christmas.

Kudos to me and making it to see another year. Hopefully I’ll be better and writing blog posts.


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