I Hate When Carnival Is Over

I love Carnival. If anyone asked me one reason why I love the Caribbean, why I love my little Dominica, I would say because of Carnival. Now if you thought I was gonna say food, you know me so well and I love you for that.

Like I’ve I’ve said before…somewhere…Carnival starts off with Jouvert in the wee hours of Carnival Monday morning, and this year I went. Ha! You read right, I somehow managed to wake up before the sun and go Jouvert. It started off bad, then it was good, then bad again. First off my friend was completely late (Sure Jan) and I ended up waiting forever for her. She still didn’t show up but I met up with another group of friends, so yay! I had a good time chipping down the road to Triple Kay. However, just after nine, minutes to ten, they stabbed someone in the jam and he died. It wasn’t until I got home I saw the picture of the person I realised I knew him and was actually talking to him just minutes before. Sadly, this is the reality of things. Tragedies like this happen and my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

Despite this deep unnerving situation, I managed to find myself in town for the T-shirt band. This year I was in Kairi FM’s Turnt Up band which featured Nayee, Rah, Asa Banton (Strictly Local!) and Skinny T out of St. Lucia! Man did Asa and Skinny T NOT disappoint! Everything was definitely turnt. Of  course I someone managed to find myself in Triple Kay and WCK afterwards. I definitely had a great Carnival Monday with my favourite friends. Shout out to Dale and Gio.

Carnival Tuesday oh my where do I begin! This, despite being a less hyped up day for me was indeed good.The costumes were beautiful in the morning. I did not go to the morning parade but the cameras and pictures did them justice. The new costume band Hysteria certainly proved themselves worth with their beautiful costumes. I’m considering joining next year haha! I met up at Ruins with my friend L and a guy friend of hers. We each had a complementary shot of Lime Punch and were on our way, although she clearly had a couple drinks before I arrived #LimePunchGirls. It was a good way to wind down the carnival celebrations. I swear last lap was too short! However the bands were certainly moving and by the time I went home I was ready to sleep for the rest of the week.

Carnival. What a beautiful thing it is. An expression of our culture as people of the Caribbean, as West Indians, as Dominicans. Colourful costumes, the Sensay, Souswell Souris, Darkies, La Peau Cabrit, Calypso, Bouyon and much much more. Everyone may know of Trinidad’s Carnival, but I promise you, you’ve never seen anything like Dominica’s Carnival, a fete loving nation rich with culture. Se La Vie Nou. That truly is life…wii.


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