10 Day No Sugar Challege

Hello everyone, and pleasant day/night/non existent measure of time to you. Ten days ago I embarked on a NO SUGAR challenge. Yes you read right, I the chocolate sugary treat queen made a commitment to stay away from sugar and added sugar for a whooping ten days.

So why this challenge? Why ten days? Why now? I stumbled upon this challenge when I recalled a video  that a band that I liked posted. I then went in search of this ten day challenge, and I found it. To be honest it was a spur of the moment idea and I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it now or later. So I said what the heck and started it. No it isn’t just because carnival is around the corner.
So what do I mean by no added sugar? If the ingredient rhymes with gross I ain’t eating it. Sugar comes in all different forms, maltose, glucose, fructose, sucrose, etc. A lot of foods we eat daily, a lot of foods I normally, surprisingly contain a lot of sugar and added sugar. Like seriously, why do Pringles need sugar? Even cornflakes has sugar? What gives food companies!!! I have been drinking tea with no sugar, cornmeal with no sugar, grapefruits have become my best friend and I have had to reject any offer of junk food that came my way.

I have given up so much, just for this experiment, and I admit I have slipped more than once. When I first started, I felt the effects hard. I was always tired and always hungry (more than usual). I felt weak and I thought I would collapse at any moment. There were moments when I could not remember doing tasks, I just knew I had done them.

When I started to read up on this challenge I realised that I take in a lot of sugar, even without fully realising it. Being a sugarholic, this challenge was so hard, It made me realise, how much sugar controls our lives as literally everything has added sugar. It’s easy to say that you’re going to only eat natural sugars, but it’s so much harder to do. I had to exercise, patience, determination and most importantly self control. Sugar is unavoidable and necessary, but how much you put into your body is the difference between a healthier you and a very unhealthy lifestyle.


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