Goals & Woes.

I have started writing this post at 10:00 a.m., a mere hour before my Caribbean studies class, as I await my friend to tell me whether or not my paragraph for an opportunity is okay or not. Funny enough just the second day of the year I was presented with two opportunities. One did not reply back and I did not reply to the other. Fair enough.

It’s not 11:12 p.m. and my mom made fried plantain for dinner. I haven’t had that in a while. It’s amazing what you can do with plantain. You can decide to fry it, make it into chips or even bake it. Decide. I’ve been thinking about my decisions for the past twenty-something days since the year began. I admit I have made some not so good ones. But I’m going to make better ones.

For starters I have decided to put more effort in my studies (sooner or later). That’s one goal. Another goal I’ve decided to embark on is a healthier fitter me. But let’s face it ladies, junk food is like that aunt who spoils you, while healthy food if your mother dearest. You love your mother, you know she only want the best for you, but your aunt just got you an iPhone 6. C’mmon. It is my hope that the latter goal will lead to me achieving clearer, healthier, skin.

One important goal I want everyone to know about is my goal to keep in contact with family and friends. How many of us are guilty of going weeks, even months without checking up on that friend who was always there for you in high school and college or that family member who practically raised you? I am. It’s a sad, shameful truth, but I’m working on it. And if you’ve experienced anything like that, you should work on it too. It is important to always be thankful and grateful to those people in your life. Not many of us may want to admit that.

Finally, a goal I’ve been consistently trying to work on and achieve 100%, maximum usage is the goal of happiness. I haven’t exactly sat down and say, “Wynie you’re going to be happier, no matter what.” It has always been more of a gradual goal, a life goal if you will. I’m getting there, slowly but surely.

Well there you have it that’s basically the goals I have so far for the year. Is it too little? too much? haha! Maybe as the year goes on I will add more….


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