Hello 2015.

The first week of the new year has come and gone. Like every other year many of us spend January 1st relaxing, some of us even create resolutions. Resolutions. It’s a funny thing that word. Everyone jokes about how no one ever keeps a New Year’s resolution past January. Maybe they’re right. Maybe they’re wrong. Why do we truly almost always never live up to our resolutions? Is it because we get so busy we put them on the back burner or we just never really get into them? To me resolutions are dreams that never really turn into new year’s goals. Sure they are meant to be goals and we use the term resolution synonymously with the word goals every January first, but a resolution is not a goal. That is until we firmly decide to follow through with them. To work our buts off to accomplish them. Only then, do they become goals and make it past January 31st.

Do not be afraid of making new goals for 2015. If there was one thing I learnt in 2014 was that dreams and resolutions alike can all become goals, and all goals can be achieved. Do not be afraid of making that first step to achieving those “resolutions”.

As for me, my 2015 has started out alright. I’ve been approached to interview this band and I have been told to have my own radio show. This year is looking brighter for me. And apparently a lot of other people. Game year they call it. Kudos to everyone trying to to move forward, making goals which they are determined to achieve and leaving the bad behind them. Positivity, is always the most important thing in life. My words to everyone is to always carry positivity with you. It is like a flash-light when you’re going through a dark tunnel. Guidence


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