Creole & Independence

Hello jellos, good to see you again! Wow have I been swamped with school work and university applications! Balancing work and school is not so easy as it seems.

But on a brighter note it is finally October! Now for you Americans and others this may mean Fall and Halloween (spoopy). However, for is Dominicans it means Creole/Independence season!
Capuchin Cultural Group is expected to be a big part of the event
Photo from
Every Friday leading up to Creole Day. We adorn creole wear or pieces of creole related wear. This all leads to Creole Day (Jounen Krewyol), when we (are supposed to) wear our national wear, the Wob Dwiyet or Jupe. In recent years the younger generation have created variations of the national wear, using madrass.
Photo by  Dr. Lennox Honychurch

Photo by Dr. Lennox Honychurch
Foods eaten during this time include;

Everything Avocado

Smoked Herring
Fig and Saltfish
Lots of Bakes
Crab Back
crab back
During this season, Dominica also host the World Creole Music Festival. The festival is three nights of pulsating rhythms, featuring local acts and acts from across the Caribbean. Notable acts which have performed at WCMF are Kassav’, Carimi, Marchel Montano, and this year Jah Cure, T Vice, and Kerwin Dubois will be performing.
Lime Dominica for four days, hosts Creole In The Park. CITP is where, like the WCMF, local acts and acts from across the Caribbean come to perform. This is a much smaller scale event and runs from Monday to Thursday, from 12 pm to 7 pm. This year, Skinny Fabulous and Skinny Banton will be performing.
Other various events taking place during the Creole/Independence season include, Heritage Day, Madam Wob Dwiet, the creole day parade and the independence parade.
So if you ever want to experience Dominica at the height of its culture, October is definitely the best time to come down.

I recommend reading this by local Historian Lennox Honychurch,in relation the the creation of Creole Nationalism in Dominica.


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