Life without Tumblr

So guys and gals, since this is a life blog, I’m going to talk to you about something that’s happened to me recently. Due to reasons beyond my control and much against my will, for six day I have felt, productive. I have gone to bed much earlier than before, sometimes even before midnight. Today, I have dcided to share the reason for this with you. For six day, my friends, my laptop has refused to access tumblr.

I’ll wait for you to finish crying for me. No, but seriously, it’s been six whole days and tumblr wont even load on my laptop What have I done to deserve this cruelty. I have been left without the ability to reblog things. Nothing I seems to do works, so I have come to the conclusion that the reason for my tumblr-less life is because of my wifi. I have checked and asked, but the site isn’t down, and thus my fate is slowly being revealed to me.

Is this how life feels without the popular micro blogging site? Empty? Alone? Forced to tweet? Not that anything is wrong with twitter, oh no, but it’s just tumblr is different. It makes you feel a way, no other social media site does. Tumblr has my heart, and home…is where the heart is.


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