Big Chop

Alright folks. I am now 100% au naturale! Did my big chop Sunday June 28th and then drowned my hair in peppermint oil.

First was the troublesome task of taking down my braids. I’ve had them in since april so there was a good bit of new growth.
Afterwards I began combing out my hair to get rid of some shed hair. Needless to say, a lot of hair came out and my wrist began to hurt.
Next I washed my hair! Oh the cleanliness! Woe the shrinkage.

Did I mention the amount of hair that came off in the shower?!!? It was like I big chopped while washing my hair.
With freshly washed, damp hair, it was time to cut. I made my mom do this since I was too scared to do it myself. She didn’t do such a bad job. My new growth and relaxed hair created such a ridiculous length I hadn’t seen in months.
The next day I went to a food fair and rocked my teenie weenie afro ^_^.

My big chop isn’t the end of my hair journey oh no.I have four inches of new growth after a year of not relaxing and ten months of deciding to go natural. I still have a lot to learn about my hair and how to properly style, moisturise and over all take care of it. But all I know is that it’s just like my eyebrows…thick as hell!


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