The Pressure to BC

Ever been really excited yet really afraid to do something? That’s me with the big chop aka BC. Why you may ask? Because I’m big chopping sooner than anticipated, THIS WEEKEND.

These old braids need to GO, and I’m TIRED of TWO TEXTURES. It is agony. I honestly cannot wait to go snipping at my hair, but at the same time, I’m not sure if rocking a teenie weenie afro (TWA) is my thing. Don’t worry I’m gathering all my amo: bobby pins, new scissors, rubber bands, castor oil,etc.

I guess the main reason I don’t mind doing the BC earlier than anticipated is because I want to fully enjoy my natural hair texture and nearly 5 inches of new growth is surely enough to do so. Recently my friend, Alex also cut off her long beautiful hair *insert crying face* why Alex why. Nonetheless, she looks beautiful in her short cut, so why the heck won’t I.

New me is coming when they least expect it.


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