Hair thoughs

Okay, I promise I’m not becoming a hair blogger, but I am obsessed with my natural hair journey. For almost four years now I have planted a seed with the determination for LONG, HEALTHY NATURAL HAIR, and in June/July of  2013 that seed, started to grow. Yes It’s been almost one year since I started my natural hair journey. I say almost because the decision really came in August of that year, I said goodbye to the creamy crack once and for all. And to be honest, it feels good.

I’ve been slowly trimming of the relaxed ends and now have about 4 inches of natural hair. Unfortunately, I’ve learned that my hair refuses to grow with everyday manipulation, so I opted for braids. Oh boy, oh boy my hair grows faster when not handled at all, growing just below an inch after having braids for just over a month.

I decided to transition since I do love long hair and am not too fond of short hair. But that is soon going to change. Before I return to school in Septemper, it is my goal to big chop. New school year new me right? I’m so excited yet so scared. Will I like it? Will I hate it? What twa* styles will suit me and my face? Will other people like or hate it? Over time I believe I will come to understand that other people’s opinions do not matter to me unless they are complementing me or it affects their human rights, and between you, me and the law, it doesn’t.

I’ve started exercising again to get my blood pumping. During my periods of excellent hair growth I was exercising a lot. I’ve started drinking more water. Health starts from the inside, out. Since I rarely eat healthy, unless it’s fruits or something I enjoy, I’ve been taking dietary supplements. Perhaps I should cut down on all the KFC and the pizza (haha just kidding, I love pizza). But the most important trick I’ve starting using is PATIENCE.

*Twa= Teenie weenie afro


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