How To Clean Silver Jewelry

Gather around kids, we’re gonna shine those silver jewelry your grandma gave you three years ago that you haven’t cleaned since.

Here’s what you need:

Aluminium Foil
Baking Soda/Salt (I used Salt)
Hot Water *Caution may burn, handle with care and mittens*
Silver Jewelry
Clean Rag

Okay first you need to gather up your jewelry and just do a bit of dry cleaning, loosen up the dirt a bit. Next you’re gonna put some water to boil. While you wait jam out Drunk In Love by Beyonce.

 Pour between one and a half to two table spoons of baking soda or salt in your bowl. You’ll want just enough so that when you pour your hot water it’ll dissolve under a minute when stirring, also for concentration of the solution.

Next being very careful, pour your hot water in a bowl.

Line the bottom of your bowl with aluminum foil and then place your jewelry in the bowl, making sure it’s touching the foil. Now wait.


After a while you’ll begin to see the jewelry get cleaner. Wait a couple minutes before removing from the hot water. Lightly and gently pass your rage over your jewelry for that extra shine. Since I used salt id did not get shiny shiny, but my chain did get A LOT cleaner and shinier. I’ve been wearing it ever since.



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