Shopping Tips!

Alright Ladies and Gents, I’m gonna learn you a thing.

Haha, what’s popping guys? I can’t believe it’s already April(yay birthday month!) I’m doing a bit of online shopping as we speak and I thought ‘hmmm I could probably blog about something related to this’, and that is exactly what I’m doing!

1. Set a budget
BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET! Your purse/wallet is not a never ending money bank! You have bills to pay, mouths to feed and concerts to go to. I mean what’s the point of buying a really cute outfit but can’t afford to go anywhere with it afterwards, hmmmm.

Seriously, it’s important to always set a budget for yourself when going shopping. It’ll ensure that you manage your money properly and don’t end up having to sacrifice something else which was not necessary had you given yourself a limit. I personally have a budget of $20 USD which is between $53 and $60 XCD.

2. Plan Ahead
Plan what you’re going to buy before you go ahead and click ‘proceed to checkout’ or actually physically proceed to the checkout area.

For instance, right now I’m shopping for work clothes and have noted that if there is room to add something for summer. I’ve been browsing online stores in order to find really good deals. This is a good way to make sure you’re not buying things you don’t need.

3. Make a list
This leads me to my third tip of making a list. Lists help you to be organized and, like the latter, helps you to not buy things you don’t need. Just because you see chocolate almond milk does not mean you need to get it. Your list says milk and you have four cans in your basket.

4. Ask “Do I really need this?”
Do you really need a brand new $200 jacket that you’ll probably only wear once. Or do you really need ‘That Moment’ when your ‘Our Moment’ bottle is still full and has only been used for your family’s New Years Day Lunch, hmmm? hmmm?

5. One thing that always works for me is browsing one day and buying the next, that way I’ll really figure out if I need what it is I want. If I having to go into town for two days to get something it either needs to be really important or I really love. #LazyBloggerForLife

Well that’s it! I hope this helped you some what… ba-byeee 🙂


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