Thoughts: Transitioning and Natural Hair Struggles

I don’t know who was the bright minded person who told me to go natural because dear me gracious this is a lotta work!

Hey gals…and guys….I guess… So yes this is another thoughts post, and yes this is about hair. So as of August of 2013 I decided to go back natural but didn’t want to big chop so decided to transition instead. Alas, I have discovered that this is nothing easy and the fact that my hair type is 4b/4c does not make it easier. I currently have a little over 3 inches of natural hair [woohoo]! I’ve just started taking 800mg Biotin so when it’s done I’ll see how well it worked. Thanks to extensive research I began drinking a lot of water weeks ago so hopefully no break outs.

Did I mention my hair is super thick? That means I soon have to ditch my small tooth comb for a wide tooth one. I’ve learnt that the wide tooth combs my hair much easier. I’ve also discovered a few 3c/4a strands in the middle of my head. So many curl patterns yo.

I decided to wear braids for a few months to aid in hair growth at the beginning but I hate the tightness and the fact that I sometimes feel like it’s going to destroy hairline. I wore braids from October to February. I then decided to ease up on the braiding in order to discover and experiment with my hair. Now I have VERY thick hair, I mean ‘ hair so thick it can soak up an entire ocean’ thick. Thus my hair get dries very quickly which irritates me especially when i have to comb it. I’ve discovered it LOVES water, so every time I comb it I spray it with water. I’ve mixed my water with carrot and tea tree oil, an oil mixture which includes jojoba oil and rosemary and currently I have it mixed with argon oil. When it’s finished I plan to mix it with coconut oil.

I’m still looking for a transitioning still besides braids which I like enough to wear out in public. One thing I’ve learnt is that I should ALWAYS plait, twist etc my hair before to sleep. I’ve had too many bad experienced of not doing that and dealing with a shrunken afro at 7 in the morning is not my ideal way to start my day. I think my biggest challenge is blending the two textures. My natural hair is black and very kinky while my relaxed hair is light brown and very straight. I’m still looking around the web and youtube for a good solution to this.

I’m learning to love this journey though as well as my natural hair. Hopefully as it gets longer I will be able to do those wonderful natural dos.


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