After Carnival

Hello my petite croissant! Oh great now I made myself hungry *insert sad face* Anyway, Carnival in Dominica is O-V-E-R over and nowhere has cornflakes, it’s all gone! Don’t get the joke? No biggie, I’ll fill you in later.

Carnival Monday:And we chippin’ on and on and on! Jouvert is a serious ‘ting!” So serious that it starts off the carnival celebrations. Now I personally have never been to jouvert [make note to go to jouvert 2015], but trust me, jouvert is an experience. Basically, before daybreak people dress up in whatever they like, if I’m being completely honest, whether it be crew t-shirts, costumes…their night wear, and go chippin’ down the road, partying and enjoying themselves to start off the two-day carnival celebrations. I think the main problem with me and jouvert is that it involves waking up before the sun.

You can see pictures from Jouvert here.

In the morning, some school bands paraded the streets and later on in the afternoon the t-shirt bands took to the streets. The major t-shirt bands included the WCK Band, Triple Kay Band and Serenade Band.

Fact time! Did you know that the costumes bands originally paraded on Monday and NOT Tuesday? Likewise the t-shirt bands paraded on Tuesday and not Monday. However in recent years this was changed for two main reasons, 1. People were complaining about the late start of the costume parade due to Jouvert and 2. Employers were complaining about employees either missing work or coming to work tired.

Okay, so this is where I explain the cornflakes thing, bear with me because the best way to do this is in informal Dominican dialect.

“So, de likkle band Triple Kay decide to make a riddim about cornflakes and is to see them throwing cornflakes on people in de band. Since after dat, everybody talking about a big box of cornflakes. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.”

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Carnival Tuesday: Let me set the scene for you, your alarm goes off at 9 a.m. you wake up and across from your bed is a colourful costume. You hop out of bed, get ready and adorn yourself in the fabric, with feathers making up your headpiece and you drive to town and join the rest of your fellow revelers at 10 a.m. behind  truck and get ready to parade the familiar streets of Roseau in your wonderful costume. I’m hoping this is how the people who participated in the costume band parade felt on Carnival Tuesday, if not I’m suing.

No but seriously, the costume parade is admittedly pretty awesome. Not to mention the winners an runner ups of the various competitions which took place from the beginning of the season parade in their costume round wear, these include, the Carnival Princess Show, Carnival Teen Show, Carinival Queen Show, Mas Jamboree [Local college competition] and Mother’s Queen Show. Here in Dominica we’re not as grand as Trinidad but we still try our best and we still enjoy ourselves. Major groups for this day were Mercury Band and Thunderbirds. Then at around after four in the afternoon WCK, and Triple Kay came out to give their fans a last lap! And yes there was more cornflakes.

Photos of the parade can be seen here and here

Carnival is a wonderful time and it’s my second favourite season next to the Creole Season. I also love how into it other Dominicans can be and just the love of culture. And despite hoping to one day be privileged to go to Trinidad with my good friends for carnival there in the future, nothing can ever take the place of my sweet Dominican carnival.


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