Carnival Time Again ’14

Oh boy! It’s around that time of the year when it’s time to “sewo” and every weekend have a “fete”.

Excuse the little Caribbean seasoning I threw on this post, but it is time! Costume bands are already open for registration and the pioneers of bouyon music WCK are already promising fans a good time for street jump up on Carnival Monday and Triple Kay has us whining our waist.

Mind you, not everyone is into Carnival, in fact quite a number of children/teens go to camp for the duration of the two day national holiday, excluding this little coconut.

So in case you don’t know what Carnival is (which I highly doubt because “errybody know how to fete”), it’s the festive season after Christmas and before Lent where costume band parade the street. According to my best friend it’s like a club in the streets sometimes. There are costume bands from schools like the St. Matin’s Primary School and Convent Prepartory Shcool and costume bands from largely recognized groups like Mercury Band and Thunderbirds. Senseys, blackies, bwa-bwa (stilt walkers) and souswell souris are also seen chipping and dancing down the streets. (You can always learn more about the history of Dominica’s Carnival at out local historian’s website here.)

Now Dominican Carnival not as grand and fancy Trinidadian Carnival (that’s a whole different ball game), but we sure know how to “take our foot”.

In Dominica the main parade take place in the capital Roseau, but Portsmouth, the second town, as well as some other communities have small Carnival celebrations of their own. The real fete begin early morning during j’ouvert and ends 10 pm Tuesday night with last lap by the bands.
2013 Carnival Queen, Nadira Lando
and Calypso Monarch King Dice

The opening of Carnival is usually held a few weeks before the Carnival date and shows previews of the costume bands and the contestants for the various competitions like, Carnival princess, Carnival teen, Carnival Queen aka Miss Dominica, Soca and Calypso Monarch etc. Calypsonians go through a series of eliminations before the Calypso King/Monarch is crowned.

Dominica’s openining parade took place on the 8th February and was slightyly different from other years. Instead of moving towards “Carnival City” in Pottersville, bands, groups and participating individuals moved from Pottersville towards the Bayfront where the opening ceremony took place.

Additionally, Carnival this year has a theme! Yes, Nou Konnet Viv [we know how to live] which actually comes from a song made by Benji, Tazzy Asa Banton, Nayee and RAH

So, your ready to fete? #NouKonnetViv

You can see more photos here.

Disclaimer: Pictures from Dominica News Online


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