Thoughts: Christmas Heat & Norms

Hello guys, so Christmas is speedily approaching here in Dominica (well maybe not), but Christmas is around the corner. Of course getting into the season is sorta hard because there is that awkward post Independence period of quietness and exams.With that being said it has occurred to me that a lot of people here, me included, have never actually seen snow. The Caribbean is almost always hot, if you don’t count nights that is and if you don’t live next to a river. But even with the nights being cold the days are still very hot!

Now, Christmas in Dominica is basically fruit cake, wine, presents, decorations, and as a religious country church on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. But it’s the little routine things each year that make the season a warm sport in my heart. Town is packed with people doing last minute shopping on the 24th. There is the ever present sound of people bursting ‘bandits’ on the road, a loud popping sound which is the source of my annoyance(ugh!) and the radios are always blasting the song How Will Santa Get Here by King Obstinate of Antigua which is secretly one of my guilty pleasures of the season.

So while we might not have snow, we sure do have the comfort of seemingly endless Sorrel juice which, if you ask me, is a must have for the season.


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